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happy halloween!

i was trying to think what i should do tonight… and i decided upon scanning in all the drawings i have made that i would like to make into paintings. there are somewhere around 35 drawings.

as soon as i get them “processed” i’ll post them.

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Tom Brown of Baltimore and the World Artist’s Network Online Magazine

i was on the craigslist arts discussion forum the other day and this guy starts posting microsoft paint (MS Paint) artworks. i thought they were pretty neat. (you should check them out, web address to follow at the end) he was also running an online artists magazine featuring artists from all over the world in many forms. i was slated to appear in the july issue… but i was informed by tom that he would no longer be supplying that project with energy… oh well. i can understand, this web stuff can be a time eater.

so the interview i did is still sitting in a folder on my mb pro… thought i’d post it. it was just 5 questions but they were so vague that it really made you have to think (well, me anyways). it was the first time i had to put me and what my art is into any kind of form, really…. so, here it is.


Featured Artist: michael lukacsko | neterhet

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Title: 168755431e
Medium: oil on canvas
Date: 1993 (i think)
Dimensions: 60” x 48”

1. What is art? excellent question. art can be a lot of things, but the
most important thing about art is what it is for you. i believe that
when you discover what art is for you, it allows you to put more of
who you truly are into the work. it will become more powerful,
more alive. it will begin to speak to those who approach it. it is this
dialog that makes art what it is.

2. Could you comment on your relationship with the arts? i have been involved in the arts since i can remember. doing some kind of painting or drawing, some kind of art. these days i am graphic designer by day, fine artist by night. it has been that way since i graduated. at first the paintings i did would be considered contemporary abstracts. when i started on this style back in the early 90’s i had no idea it would become the focus of what i did.

3. What do you hope to do with your art? to leave a pile of stuff people will lug around long after i am dead. (ha!)

4. What do you want to say to people with your art? it’s more about what my art says to people. there is an intent, a specific energy that goes into it’s creation, and people will pick up on that energy.

5. Could you discuss the meaning of the piece of art that you are sharing with the readers? this piece called “168755431e” was an experiment in the blending of two energies, mine and anothers. i took an element that was common in their drawings and worked it into mine. this is a blending of masculine and feminine energies. this is to represent “raw energy”.

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tom’s myspace page is:

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dug into the past to get this image. (just broke out an old sketch book) something i have been pondering on started to take on a shape. i recognized it from a sketch i had made.

this is going to be the “next one”….

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